Corporate vision: to build a world-class RV parts preferred brand.
Corporate mission: Continue to create value for customers.
Enterprise slogan: happiness is out of the struggle, everyone is the master of the enterprise.
Enterprise spirit: loyalty, social commitment, enterprising, innovation.
Business philosophy: entrepreneurship and innovation, cultivate talents, create value, and meet the needs.
Management concept: institutionalization, process, standardization, information.
Service concept: Every little thing about the customer is a big thing for Zhuo Er.(Heart and soul, only for customer satisfaction!)
Core values: customer first, sincerity and trustworthiness, self-reflection, hard work, people and single unity.
We adhere to the customer-centered (customer first), quickly respond to customer needs, continue to create value for customers, to achieve customers is to achieve ourselves.
Keep promises, match words with deeds, and win customers with integrity.
Self-reflection aims to progress and improve; to achieve the common development of customers and enterprise.
Hard work, we adhere to the struggle for the first, so that the strivers get a reasonable return.
Entrepreneurship and innovation, the spirit of self-entrepreneurship for innovation, to change the change, change to win.
Single integration, talent and value; employees with creative spirit, create value value for customers.

Copyright © 2016-2022 ,All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2016-2022 ,All Rights Reserved