PD Passenger door

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Main Applications

For motorhomes or buildings, suitable for wall thicknesses of 30-50mm.

Features & Main Functions


  1. Plate: High strength aluminum alloy sandwich plate.

  2. Frame: White spray coated aluminum alloy frame.

  3. Glass:double-layer hollow PMMA glass, UV resistant,correspond with ECE security standard.

  4. Handle: Sandblasted alumina alloy handle.

  5.  Interior: High quality thickened ABS interior shell.

  6. Sun blinds: Opaque pleated sunshades.

  7.  Two-point safety lock: Central control lock is available by choice for remoting control function.

  8. Open type:left & right

  9. Opening angle: 180°

  10. Installation: Sandwich wall installation, the package is equipped with screws and plastic parts for installation.


  1. New lock system

  2. There are pressure bag ring and flipping up positioning design for comfortable operation.

  3.  The silver-gray anodized large handle design makes it easy to open and close the door by pulling the handlebars.

  4. There is no noise when vibrating or driving based on optimized sun blind system, and the operation is comfortable and smooth.

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Copyright © 2016-2022 ,All Rights Reserved