FPW extrapolation window - outer flat

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Main Applications :

For motor caravan or buildings, suitable for wall thickness of 24-55mm

Features & Main Functions:

Features : 

  1. Window frame:Powder coated high quality aluminum alloy

  2. Frame color: White, black,silver grey,or customized color.

  3. Glass: Light grey,double glazing acrylic panel,UV resistance,certified by Europe ECE standards.

  4. Open: Assembly with telescopic strut.The 350mm-high windows have an opening angle of 8.8 degrees and 35 degrees For 450mm、500mm、550mm、900mm height window have an opening angle of 20°、40°、60°correspondingly(see diagram below)

Main functions: Used for motorhomes or buildings, suitable for wall thicknesses of 24- 55mm. 

  1. The window has on, off, ventilation, light transmission, shade, antimosquito,sound insulation, heat insulation, privacy and other functions and good waterproof performance.

  2. Used as emergency exits when curtains and windows are both opened (except for small windows).

  3. Lightweight structure, easy to install and use, strong and durable, a variety of models.

  4. External flat structure, effectively reduce wind resistance and wind noise.

  5. Reliably and noise-free structure connected by new hinges.

  6. Glass surface hardness 5-6H, more wear-resistant, anti-abrasion.

  7. Hanging ring structure, can be assembly with variety interior windows smoothly.

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