LD cabin door

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Main Applications:

For motor caravan or buildings

Features & Main Functions:

Features :

  1. Frame:High quality aluminum alloy

  2. Panel:Laminated aluminum sheet with powder coated and insulation material

  3. Lock:Self-tension swivel tongue lock (lock side size ≤700 is one lock)

  4. Hinge:Aluminum alloy hinge

  5. Color:Powder coated white/black/silver/grey or customized color

Main Functions: 

  1. Durable luggage door used for motorhome with 180° open degree. Some specifications can be equipped with gas springs.

  2. Standard wall thickness30-45,note for other when place orders.

Fitting Diagram:

 Opening size (H+3) x (W+3)

 For example: The hole size is 403mm(H)*603mm(W) for cabin door size 400x600

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Copyright © 2016-2022 ,All Rights Reserved